What’s it take to get a date, sexy? Screening & deposits: questions, answered

Why Screen?

Screening is a safety procedure. At 115lbs, I guarantee that you’re twice my size and strength. This industry is known to attract bad apples, and I set myself up to weed those bad apples out. Knowing your real-life information protects me from you. This is 2019, and unfortunately the society we live in.

But I’m a good guy!

Perfect, then you will pass my screening with flying colors. The only people that refuse screening are potentially-dangerous or dangerous men.

I am concerned about blackmail.

This is a valid concern. I screen for my safety and you should screen me for your safety as well. As a provider and former adult xxx performer with ten years in this business, you can rest easy by knowing I’ve had a long run in this business where most people don’t last by having integrity.

You ask for a phone number, will you text me?

Nope. I need a REAL number as part of my screening. You’re welcome to include in the “about me” section your VOIP/burner number as well. Either way, I still won’t text you. All correspondence by me is done via email.

Do you take references?

I accept one reference and one only. The other information must be “real world” information again. Most potential clients don’t use references when booking with me because we’re at the mercy of waiting for the reference-provider to respond. I understand that many companions will take two references, they aren’t me though.

can we meet in person and I can show my ID to you?

Nope, that’s a waste of our time. I will still need to do a proper check on you for a future date.

Will you contact my work?

Once again, this is for me to verify you are who you say you are. Nothing more, nothing less. All information collected is properly disposed of after I do my screening.

So how do I screen?

Please fill out my booking form with your date details. I will then follow-up with you with screening information. I have nine options to choose from, please pick the two you’re most comfortable with.

Are deposits required?

Good-faith deposits are required for all tours and Tampa incall (Grace’s place) dates. I’ve saved you on my calendar and made arrangements to see you, a good faith deposit tells me you’re serious about meeting too. Many times, clients will book with multiple companions, canceling all but one; or worse, book a date with no intentions of showing up. BOOM! Deposits fix this.

How do I pay the deposit?

Through my secure credit card service, that has nothing to do with “Grace Eve” or “Book Grace.” Discretion is of the utmost importance. In the rare case that you can’t have a small amount shown on your credit card statement, I will accept cash overnighted to me. Please let me know you need to pay cash in the booking form.

How much is the deposit?

Good faith deposits are from $100 (most dates) and up to 30% (for longer dates).