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so you want to see a professional companion…..

Congratulations on your decision into this new world you’re venturing into. You’ve looked at countless ads, browsed through photos, now what do you do? Let me guide you through this, it’s not as difficult as it seems.

First, read your provider’s website thoroughly. You’re reading this now, so you’re off to a great start! Make sure you understand her location and rates/deposits she offers. If this works with your schedule and finances, it’s time to plan!

If your provider has a booking form, I guarantee you this is how she would prefer to be contacted. Booking forms get a bad-rap for being “cold” but I assure you, they keep us organized to the max; especially during tours! Part of the booking process, for any provider worth her weight, is the screening process. Before you gasp, let me explain.

Professional companions that use a verification system do not want to out you, tell your wife about your activity, or make your life miserable. Quite the contrary! Screening is a necessary measure in this evil world. Not everyone has a heart of gold these days (shocking, I know!), some people want to waste our time (time is money), or worse, hurt us physically. Gentlemen who share their real-world information are telling companions “I’m safe” without uttering those words. Personally speaking, when you provide me with information to screen you, it goes in my trash bin on my secure and encrypted email program. I never need to look at this again; and with my poor memory, I won’t even recall exactly what you wrote! So before you balk at the idea of sharing your personal information, remember, your companion is sharing even more with you at the end of the day.

Now that the how and why of screening has been explained, my hope is that you have a better understanding of the reasons behind it.So what are you waiting for?