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There is no one else like me and for that, i am pleased.




if you seek a woman full of passion, who has led a life of grandeur, with still much ahead of her, allow me to introduce grace eve.

As a mature woman in her early forties, I know exactly how to be a respectable lady in public, turning heads, not raising eyebrows; shut the door in private and my hedonistic side emerges. Though now retired from XXX films, with almost a decade of performing under my belt, you better believe I know tips and tricks that the average woman does not. Let’s start off devouring a delicious meal, then we devour each other. It’s the way it’s suppose to be.

Grace At-a-Glance

• Born and raised in Florida, I’m the quintessential southern belle

• Professional girlfriend since 2011.

• A world-traveler, who is on her second passport, my thirst for adventure can not be quenched.

• I am proud to be a well-rounded paramour who enjoys connecting to people on physical, emotional, and intellectual levels.

• Fashion is most definitely a hobby of mine; yes, clothes are my hobby (giggle). I enjoy the art of dressing as much as I enjoy the art of undressing.

I make absolutely no apologies for loving the finer things in life: first class travel, lavish shopping trips, luxury vehicles - I am all woman, all the time.

Standing at 5’3” sans heels, piercing blue eyes, and 115lbs with curves in all the right places.

Education: B.S.N with a speciality in cardiac; you could say I’m unquestionably able to take care of your heart.

 While reviews in the United States are now defunct, you may click HERE to see my outstanding score. I am proud to announce that out of a 10 point rating scale, I kept an impressive 9.6/9.8 for looks/performance. Rest assure, you will always meet a professional when we date.

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