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Collecting passport stamps is my hobby. Below are a few places I’ve yet to conquer, shall we run away? The details: $1500 per day with a 5 day minimum; you provide airfare, accommodations, food, and activities. Pack your bags, lets go on an adventure!


Exuma, Bahamas



Hong Kong


Scottish Highlands


Masai Mara National Reserve (Kenya)

Serengeti National Park (Tanzania)


How Nursing Shaped Me For You

“The most important practical lesson that can be given to nurses is to teach them what to observe - how to observe - what symptoms indicate improvement - what the reverse - which are of importance - which are of none - which are the evidence of neglect - and of what kind of neglect.” - Florence Nightingale

If you’ve never sought medical care, congratulations on being an anomaly. I can remember most of the medical workers based on their level of service while providing healthcare. There’s several types of workers:

  • Those you have to watch over (questioning the medicine and dose)

  • The person that hates their job, the time on their feet, the protocol, and the patients

  • The medical provider who truly cares for people, wanting to see them do the best they can

When I was providing care, I learned quickly to be the latter. Before I even graduated, during my clinicals, I was assigned the patient from hell. I remember the chatter of the senior RNs, and it was collectively agreed upon that the student nurse be assigned this patient. I went into her room and she began to unleash her rage on me. When someone attacks you, especially in the hospital as a patient, it has more to do with them, and less to do with you. So I took it her rage and I let her unleash on me. Soon, the patient would be whisked away to surgery, for a double mastectomy, after her third battle with cancer. I asked the patient if I should find her friends/family to let them know, and that’s when I learned, after her third diagnosis of breast cancer, she was alone, about to undergo one of the worst surgeries a female could have. The patient suddenly softened, and within the hour, I was asked if the doctor allows, would I go into surgery with her, just to watch over. Over the next few days, after each of my shifts, I visited with this once hard-woman, quickly realizing her misplaced anger was actually hurt and we became friends. I brought her food, knitted her a hat, and made an impact to a lonely, sick woman.

How this relates to being a provider

Clients seek out providers for a multitude of reasons, and there is no one-size-fits-all. One thing I’ve learned is that the longer time spent together, the more we can connect. Some clients need a loving physical touch, witty banter, deep conversations with an educated woman, or just to be told you matter. My preference is for longer dates; in fact, I don’t offer shorter dates unless I’m on tour (I may be removing the hour dates from tour in the near future as well). What I’ve found is that it is very difficult to create a solid connection, of what you need, for an hour or less. We need time to learn about each other, and part of that learning process is you getting to know me, and me getting to know and learn your needs.

I think back to that patient from hell and what she taught me. Being a student nurse I was assigned because no one wanted to deal with her. What I learned though, is given time and the chance to get to know someone, you can make an impact on their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Teaching moments and learning take time. Imagine if I walked in the room, got berated, and left without getting to know her. She would’ve went to surgery and recovered alone. The darkest time of her life would be with no one around.

My current and future client-friends need something as well. I hope that I continue increasing the friendships of those I’ve met, as we get to know each other more. For those I haven’t met, I hope that we get the chance to form a bond.

Nothing is more magical than being entrusted by others in life, to be a part of their healing, grieving, and/or celebrating in their accomplishments. Because of my life lesson with this patient, I’m able to bring exactly what you need and when you need it, to our dates. Spending time together is an honor that I don’t take lightly.

That is what nursing taught me and how it shaped me to be a great companion. Be patient. Be kind. Ask questions (without meddling). Be genuine. Provide a service, I can be proud of.

Luxury Companions

“If you don't understand the price of something it's probably not meant for you.”

Contrary to the saying, the best things in life aren’t free. In fact, free can be the most expensive thing you’ve invested in; choose wisely.

Honda produces an incredible product, but some people prefer to drive a Mercedes. If you’re hungry, you may certainly whip up a satisfying meal at home, but others need a Michelin atmosphere to feel pleased. Wal-Mart sells clothing, yet Prada not only exists, they exceed in their brand. Why does this happen?

Luxury is not only worth waiting for, it’s an unforgettable experience.

Enter the luxury companion. Her rates are higher, not because her worth is more, but because she’s invested more into her business and persona.

  • Experience is the best teacher. Most high-end providers are not new to the world of being a professional girlfriend. We’ve crafted our style and services over the years. We’ve learned, in great detail, what it means to be a quality companion, and we bestow our wisdom through our services when meeting a gentleman. Quality counts and quality costs.

  • Our educational background is often more extensive; personally speaking I’ve spent massive amount of time in higher-education, obtaining a bachelors in education as well as a bachelors in nursing. Higher education definitely comes at a cost. Are you a gentleman that needs stimulating conversation, from a well-rounded provider, that continues to educate herself?

  • Expect to be WOWED when you meet her. The attention to detail we provide is not status quo. We’ve spent the maximum amount of time preparing for our dates. This includes, but not limited to: wardrobe choices, skin regimen, gym, providing an upscale atmosphere such as our location, and amenities. Never expect a luxury companion to accept a last minute date, because our preparation is extensive and we need proper time to compose.

  • Our marketing sets us apart. The high-end companion knows that a picture is first and foremost what draws in her suitor. Expect that she invests in photography sessions, several times a year, spending thousands of dollars, in order to portray exactly how she looks.

  • Location. Location. Location. Every person who has ever purchased a home or leased a space for their work knows that location is the most important detail. Your locations sets the tone and attracts the friends and clients that you want. If you require upscale accommodations for your date versus run-of-the-mill hotel, then a luxury companion is more for you. Our locations are always top-notch, welcoming, and clean.

Her prices are too high.

The beginning of this blog was opened with options: the car, the food, the clothing. Our society is set up to have something for everyone. We have an abundance of choices, no matter what we are seeking. If you’re in the process of seeking out a provider, there is someone available for every price-point out there. One choice is not better than the other, but there is a difference between what you’ll be receiving, because luxury comes at a price. If your finances can afford a mid-level provider, I am sure you’ll walk away happy, because your needs are met. However, if you’re the type of gentleman that demands opulence, then a luxury provider is who you’re seeking.

Never negotiate.

It goes without saying you’re not test driving an Aston Martin if you can only afford a Toyota. If Olive Garden is more your speed, but you splurged before at Alinea Restaraunt, I can guarantee you didn’t attempt to bring down the price of your crab cakes, so why do would-be clients attempt to bring down the price of a luxury companion? When choosing your provider, peruse all that she has available: photos, website and social media. Her website will contain all necessary information in order to book a date, including her honorarium. If this is outside your budget, do not take offense, just move on to the next companion that caught your eye, but under no circumstances should you ever attempt to negotiate!

Book in advance.

My closing thoughts on entering the world of spending time with a high-end companion is to book in advance. I know only a handful of ladies that offer a luxury brand that will accept same-day bookings; most of us do not. I touched on this already: we spend a massive amount of time in preparation in order to provide you with the experience you’re paying for; attempting to make a same-day booking cheats you.

“Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel, energies are contagious.”

Who is Grace Eve?

So, welcome to my official announcement, website and rebrand. Grace Eve has now entered the building. She is wonderfully and ecstatically jovial with an overabundance of pleasure to share. She has been blessed for eight years as Grace Evangeline, and cheers to another eight years as Grace Eve.