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YOur Very own leading lady…

I remember being drawn to the old Hollywood movies; the leading lady was always put together and handled herself with grace and dignity. She spoke and carried herself in a manner in which her leading man could not resist her womanly attributes. After a cat-and-mouse game, the two would run into each others arms, proclaiming their needs, and then, the camera would break-away. Lets create our own Hollywood-ending fairytell.

When is the last time you paused and allowed someone to take care of you? My space is safe and welcoming; my goal is to curate an environment which leaves you refreshed and invigorated so you may go out and conquer your world. In my presence all focus is on fostering your needs and desires. My goal is to offer a relaxing environment where you can either lose yourself or find yourself….sometimes you may need to do both all at once.

I’ll be your very own leading lady that shows up, ready to impress you. Cast your worries to the side while you’re in my presence, let me take care of all the details; let me take care of you.


As a mature woman, I know exactly how to be a respectable lady in public, turning heads while your date, not raising eyebrows; shut the door in private and the lioness emerges.

Born and raised in Florida with the sun on my face, sand between my toes, and the salty air in my hair, I’m the quintessential southern belle and courtesan. I’ve been a professional girlfriend since 2011. My reputation for outstanding dates speaks for itself. My services are available for the gentleman who yearns for a true girlfriend experience, without all drama of traditional dating.

Standing at 5’3” sans heels, piercing blue eyes, and 115lbs with curves in all the right places.

Education: B.S.N with a speciality in cardiac; you could say I’m unquestionably able to take care of your heart.

 While reviews in the United States are now defunct, you may click HERE to see my outstanding score. I am proud to announce that out of a 10 point rating scale, I kept an impressive 9.6/9.8 for looks/performance. Rest assure, you will always meet a professional when we date.

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