Call me Grace.

Connection. Companionship. Conversation.

I approach you waiting for me at the dinner table. You rise, from more than one place. The first thing you notice is my impeccable appearance: from my clothing choices (as a fashionista, its extensive), to my coiffed hair, and my polished nails - everything is presented in a sophisticated and glamorous way. I’m all that you expected and more. We break bread. Getting to know each other, sharing under-table-nudges; the more time elapses, the more our hedonistic appetite flows. The check is called upon, it’s safe to say, it’s time to quench a thirst that the champagne could never fill.


When is the last time you paused and allowed someone to take care of you? My space is safe and welcoming; my goal is to curate an environment which leaves you refreshed and invigorated so you may go out and conquer your world. In my presence all focus is on fostering your needs and desires. My goal is to offer a relaxing environment where you can either lose yourself or find yourself….sometimes you may need to do both all at once.


You didn’t arrive here by accident. You crave deep conversations and an intimate touch by a woman who wants to show you the finer things in life. I make no apologies for living an extravagant and luxurious life and I want to share this with you. Treat yourself to the escape you deserve.

Experience Grace

This isn’t an ordinary love affair. This is hot, steamy passion. Meeting me is a moment that you’ll want to remember again and again. You no longer have to imagine having a woman of my caliber focusing all of her energy on you….all you have to do is screen and set up a date. It’s time to make your fantasy a reality.

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