A Step Away from Ordinary

You are a gentleman longing for an experience like no other to break up the monotony of your day. Take a moment to browse through my portfolio and adult films that can be found here and here,as the needs of a man always start with his eyes. You’ll find me a petite package, at a soaring 5’3” and 105 pounds, with sparkling blue eyes that will pierce your soul.

 I am a well travelled and passport-ready companion, excited to accompany you on any adventure you may plan. Don’t be alarmed by my witty and sarcastic verbiage; I love to joke and ease whatever things you’re going through. Laughter is often the best medicine. Our conversation is never dull. I’ve attended a top university with a double major in education and nursing. My approach to to life is simple: love many, laugh often, learn always. What can we teach each other?

 Together we build a long-term friendship fabricated from the extraordinary time we’ve spent as lovers. Our connection is so organic that others want to emulate. Our date may include attending the symphony (as a classically trained violinist this thrills me) or an indulgent evening at The Venetian Chophouse. Perhaps you seek something more simple: sipping a vintage glass of Beringer's Founders Estate while delving into conversation. Whatever we decide to do, it is completed with a gust of passion, never apologizing for who we are.

We never leave each other saying goodbye, but until we meet again. 

My title  The Erotic Review